Gunsmith’s Corner


At Mountain Clark Firing Range, we pride ourselves for being a one stop shop for everything related to firearms. We do custom finishing, refurbishing, trouble shooting.

The Gunsmith Section was established upon the request of our resident shooters who are in need of a gunsmith’s services.

It was in 2004 when General Edgar Aglipay required our services when he had 5 units of M16 rifles that were in dilapidated condition and beyond economic repair. After 5 months of intense research and development, the then junk units came out better, more efficient, and became serviceable. This paved the way for the establishment of Mountain Clark Gunsmith, which priority is the refurbishing/conversion of M16 rifles for the Philippine National Police.

The gunsmith section of MCFR, Mountain Clark Gunsmith, is operated by a team of highly knowledgeable gunsmiths and their assistants, with pistol and rifle departments respectively. The rifle department focuses on the quality, performance and continuous innovation of the M16 units of the Philippine National Police. And after rigorous research and torture-testing, Mountain Clark Gunsmith was granted by the PNP as the sole Company engaged by the Philippine National Police for the year 2004 todate, to enter into Agreement with the Local Government Units (LGU) for the refurbishing of M16 Armalite rifles for the use of the different police units in the country (see attached Certification).


For more information contact Kleavant “BAN” ChuPrint
Mobile: 09175BANCHU